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*** Satin sleep scrunchies coming soon! ***

Scrunchies are so hot ...all of our fave celebrities are rocking them right now.  They are even high fashion approved {have you seen Balenciaga's new $225 scrunchie?}

They are such a perfect addition to any outfit and they are super versatile! From a simple high ponytail to a half up messy style, hair twists, top knots - scrunchies make these easy and stylish!

Match them with your outfits with any of our number of colours or try one a new texture like velvet or crushed velvet - get creative with your style!

The best part is that they are actually good for your hair! No metal pieces to get snagged.  Wear your hair up at night without having kinks in the morning.

Try this- lightly dampen your hair before going to bed, wrap 5-6 sections of hair in small buns using scrunchies and sleep on them. In the morning, you’ll have gorgeous gentle waves!

Three sizes:

MINI- Wraps comfortably around a top knot once or around a kids ponytail twice  {see pictures for example}

SMALL- Good for children with thicker hair or women with thinner hair.  Wraps around an average top knot twice {see pictures, i have labelled some as well as the blonde woman who has a dusty rose scrunchie in is wearing a small}

LARGE- Good for women with thicker hair or if you have thinner hair and want to wrap it around a top knot 2-3 times {see pictures, the lady with very thick brown hair wearing the blue nile scrunchie is wearing a large size}

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